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Created by Anne McCaffrey, the planet of Pern is a peaceful place, its denizens spread out across its two great continents. Descended from the original colonizers of the planet, the people of Pern live with limited technology, living in Holds that oversee all manner of craftspeople and their families. Once plagued by pernicious macro-organisms called Thread – which fell from the sky and would devour anything organic in its wake – Pern came to rely on telepathic dragons and their riders, who would fly the skies and scour Thread with fire before it could fall to the ground below. The various Holds would tithe resources and supplies to the Dragonriders in their Weyrs in payment for protecting their people and lands from Thread.

That was all, of course, until Thread was thought to be prevented from ever falling again. Targeting the Red Star – an eccentrically orbiting planet that occasionally came close enough to Pern to drop the dangerous organisms known as Thread – the Dragonriders flew their teleport-capable dragons to the Red Star and caused a series of explosions that shifted the planet in its orbit, sending it on a new path that was thought to remove the threat for good. In the wake of the trailing Red Star, peace returned to Pern and the Dragonriders were no longer needed to protect the people of Pern from Thread.

As a result, hundreds of years -- turns -- have gone by with the Dragonriders turning their attentions to other activities and aspirations. Without Thread to fight – and without tithes from the Holds coming in – the riders took up all manner of odd jobs and professions, working with their dragons to fly search and rescue missions, ferry people and equipment from place to place, and even farm to grow their own food and supply for their other needs. No longer restricted to the dragon Weyrs, the riders spread out on the planet, building their own homes and finding peace in what work they could find or create.

And with the threat of Thread so far removed, the people of Pern moved on. Thread was mostly forgotten; stories to frighten children. Holds stopped tithing long ago and the Dragonriders were all but relegated to irrelevancy. But over the last five decades, the Red Star has seemingly drawn closer and closer back towards Pern. And what was thought to be a myth now proves a deadly threat once again returned. For the last four turns, Thread has been falling once again and the Dragonriders have once more taken to the skies to protect Pern and her people.

With the return of Thread, the need for the various Holds and Weyrs to work together to save the land and its people is more vital than ever. Who will you be and what role will you play in this fight for survival? Are you an esteemed Dragonrider, flying with your telepathically-bonded lifemate to sear the skies clear of Thread? Are you the leader of a Hold, seeing to the daily needs of your people? Or are you, perhaps, a Hold crafter learning to ply your trade as the dragons soar overhead, keeping you safe? The possibilities are endless on All the Stars of Pern! Join now to reserve your spot in this fantasy game based on Anne McCaffrey’s incredibly famous novels.

We are pleased to be the first Pern and so far only Pern sim that has graced Sim Central and are thankful for hosting our little corner of the web and are glad our ten year club is back after a decade hiatus.

Please excuse our dust, we are currently battling Thread as it's been falling for the last four turns. Wander around and if you have any questions or would like to see specific things, please contact a GM.

Latest Mission Posts

» The Beginning Of The End

Mission: FRH
Posted on Tue Sep 20th, 2022 @ 3:11am by Holdstaff Unnamed

Her breaths came so fast, so sharp, that her head started to reel. Her vision blurred and cleared with each exhale and each inhale. A burning pain shot between her ribs causing her to stumble and reach for a tree branch.

*Not now! Not now!* she pleaded silently.

The sounds…

» Smart Remarks

Mission: CW
Posted on Sun Sep 18th, 2022 @ 3:08am by Goldrider Kenna

A strong, crisp breeze rattled the needles of the coniferous trees that ran like a wide river along the side of the mount. The view from the cliff ledge where the gold dragon sunned herself was one of the most stunning on Pern. But the dragon didn't notice. She was…

» Glow Lamp

Mission: CFH
Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2022 @ 5:50pm by Craft Journeyman Tulie

The hole was barely noticeable in the side of the hill. It was nearly perfect in its corresponding angle of the rise of the hill, the hole entrance itself flush with ground out of which it had been dug. The only clue that it had been dug out rather than…

» Old Man

Mission: KVW
Posted on Tue Sep 13th, 2022 @ 5:29am by Bluerider Ch'gall

"Move it!!! Move it!!! MOVE IT!!!" Ch'gall nearly screamed at the young brown rider that had just graduated to Copper Wing out of the weyrling wing.

At that moment, the tall young man dropped his Firestone sack and whirled on the Wing Third.

"Listen, old man," the brown rider growled…

» The Secret Diaries of Esgou Pt1

Mission: FRH
Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2022 @ 8:16pm by Holdstaff Esgou

The sun had long since set and the people and beasts of Floria River Hold more recently settled down for a good night's rest. All except for Esgou, the Hold Steward. His sharp, stern features had softened with fatigue of a long day of getting the Weyr Tithe on its…