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Bluerider Ch'gall

Name Ch'gall

Position Wingthird

Rank Bluerider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 60
Dragon's Name Karth
Dragon's Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 220
Hair Color Dark brown peppered with grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ch'gan is a powerfully built man, staying as fit as the younger riders he helps lead. He keeps his hair short, although the top sports slightly curling locks.

His skin is tough, from many years of riding. He bears several scars from his first few fights against Thread when it recently began to fall again. His worst scar is on his back, his minor ones dot his face and hands where charred thread landed.

These minor scars only add to his rugged although unorthodox good looks. They are also a visible reminder for others that the threat of Thread is real.
Dragon's Description Karth is a medium sized but heavy set blue. He is a dark grayish steel blue, like color of winter storm clouds. He too bears the Thread scars from when he fought Thread during the first few falls. He is stoic and pragmatic and thinks nothing of telling a few scary tales to hatchinlings and weyrlings to teach them to fearfully respect the dangers of Thread.


Spouse Jenia
Children 5 grown sons all dragonriders.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ch'gan has always known Thread would fall. In his theory, if Thread wasn't going to fall again, dragons would have become extinct. Now that Thread is falling again, he is even more proud of his duty to keep Pern safe.

Although a fairly serious person, Ch'gan is fairly easy to get along with unless a person is more tending to the lackadaisical outlook on life. He has no time for fools, or lazy fools.

He loves his wife Jenia and the children she is always fostering in the lower caverns.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Regimented, good leadership skills.
Weaknesses: Low tolerance levels for mischief, joking around, and slacking off (or what he considers slacking off)
Ambitions To have the best fighting wing in the South

Personal History Born to a Blue dragonrider father and green rider mother. No siblings.