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Waterfront Info

Posted on Sun Feb 19th, 2023 @ 8:03pm by Healer Master Brinnlee & Craft Journeyman Tulie

Mission: CFH
Location: Blasting sight at river road
Summary: Brinlee and Thulie investigate the CFH explosion
Timeline: Current

"The report said thirteen dead, twenty-four wounded," Thulie said coldly as she surveyed what was left of a work site on the new transport road to Cay Fjord Hold. Someone had illegally used explosives and it had caused lives.

"The Lord Holder denies any knowledge of this fact of course," Brinlee, a Master Mind Healer said breaking through her companion's icy silence. "And have you been able to talk to foreman of the site?"

Smith Craft Journeywoman Thulie snorted before looking up at the taller woman,"He has conveniently gone missing. Everyone that survived the blast, or worked the site either doesn't remember a thing or they have disappeared as well."

Brinlee surveyed the area of the explosion gone wrong. The physical damage to the new road was minimal, it was the collateral human damage that brought her there.

"Yes, I've run into the same stonewalling you have. I had hoped that by coming as a healer and not an investigator, I might have had a bit more luck. There's obviously no point standing around here, maybe we will find something more useful at the harbor."

Thulie nodded and silently made her way down the cliffside road. Brinlee hitched her leather satchel higher into her shoulder them followed the mine crafter. It took close to a half hour to walk the zip zagging road that lead to the harbor, both women ready for something to eat and drink at the small tavern that faced the docks.

Brinlee smiled with slightly squinted eyes,"Journeywoman Thulie. Keep your ears open. I believe we just may get some information without having to ask questions."

Thulie's face brightened as a devious glint shone in her blue eyes," I'll follow your lead, Master Healer."


"Aye, twas a right big boomer it was," the sailor said looking into Brinlee's cleavage as she poured him and his companion more ale. "We all saw the rocks and people fly up there on the road, and we was on the deck mending sails. So's you know just how big it was since we could see it all from down here."

Brinlee glanced at Thulie to confirm she picked up on the clue. The little blonde woman sat rigid with an uncomfortable grin pasted on her face, but she nodded slightly. The sailor sitting beside her with his arm over her shoulders gave her a squeeze. She jumped slightly in her seat but faked a giggle.

"Don't you worry none, Little Princess ," the second sailor said patting Thulie much too closely to her breast. "There won't be no more mess ups like that one. "

Thulie turned to look at her unwanted friend with a look of anger in her eyes. A kick in the shin under the table from Brinlee brought her up short. She changed her glare to one of wide eyed awe, "Really? We won't have to be scared of another explosion?"

Brinlee sat back with an inward sigh of relief.

The biggest sailor yhat sat beside Brinlee nodded with a drunken grin,"Aye, that last one was a mistake the Lord Holder couldn't afford. Brought too many eyes from higher up down to look him. Now his broker won't deal with him anymore. Serves the bastard right, though. Bringing in slaves from the south when we got plenty of criminals here to do the dirty jobs."

The two women glanced at each other again but stayed silent so their informants would stay vocal. Slaves from the south. Slavery was supposedly just a myth on Pern. It was outlawed. The Pernese Justice system had implemented prisoner conscription centuries ago and it had been working ever since. For the sailors to use the term slaves was a big part of missing information that both Thulie and Blinlee were desperately hoping for.

Urging the two men to drink more, and drink faster, Brinlee was able to easily depart company of the very drunken sailors within another hour.

"I feel....dirty" Thulie said as she walked back up the cliff road to meet their dragon and its rider. She looked at the shoulder of her shirt. :Ewwww. He slobbering on me!"

Brinlee wanted to laugh but she was concerned about Thulie's first statement.

"I'm so sorry for putting you in that situation, Thulie!"

The explosive expert burst out laughing.," Not THAT kind of dirty, Master Brinlee. I literally mean dirt and slobber dirty! I swear that man hadn't bathed in months! He even left a grease stain on my sleeve!"

Brinlee joined in the laughter. The two sailors had definitely been far from hygienic. They had, however, been a fount of important information.

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Brinlee Master Mindhealer
Thulie Journeywoman Mine Craft

Michele ~


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