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Healer Master Brinnlee

Name Brinnlee

Position Mindhealer

Second Position Mindhealer

Rank Healer Master

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 60
Pet Name(s) Chirp

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 170lb
Hair Color Dark chestnut brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Brinnlee is curvaceous trending to softness due age, motherhood, and a love of good food. She embodies the nature of Earth Mother. Some people are attracted to her sensual fertile looks. Some are drawn to her wholesome motherly nurturing vibrations. Others find themselves drawn to her inner strength like a ship drawn to a safe harbor in a storm.

She has an overall attractiveness with her deep blue eyes, sweet face, and a natural calm and steady nature.
Pet(s) Description Chirp is small aqua blue firelizard. Like his human, he is calm and nurturing making him a wonderful therapy creature.


Spouse Emond (deceased)
Children Brinda, daughter, 30, Sr. JW mind Healer.
Emina, daughter, 26, Jr. JW Weaver
Della, daughter, 24, cotholder wife.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brinnlee is calm and pleasant in nature and strong in fortitude. Her strong curiosity as to what makes people the way they are steered her to the Healer craft. Quickly she took to mind healing.

All though she comes across to most as soft, nurturing, and amenable, Brinn has a quiet but immensely strong part of her mental make up which has helped her through many harsh and life changing events throughout her years, mostly since Thread started to fall.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Compassion, curiosity, determination.
Weaknesses: Outspokenness at times,usually the wrong time. A singleminded focus that can turn into obsession.
Ambitions Brinnlee is seeking to bring her specialized type of mind healing to all those severely affected by the Fall of Thread. Injured dragonriders, Holders and crafters who have been mentally or physically affected by Threadfall in disastrous ways.

Personal History Brinnlee was born and raised in a weyr by a Healer mother and brown rider father. Her childhood was rather normal and boring other than her strong curiosity to learn why people are the way they are and why they do the things they do.

She went straight to Healer Hall for her apprenticeship and quickly took up a specialization in Mind Healing.

After reaching Senior Journey Woman status and a posting at Kere Vala Weyr, she married a brown rider.

Life at Kere Vala was wonderful. She had a position she thrived in, a husband and 3 beautiful daughters. Until Thread came.

Her husband Emond was seriously injured in Perns first Thread Fall battle.

A year later, Emond took his life by going /between/ with his dragon. The nightmares and mental damage were too much for man no matter how much Brinnlee tried to help.

The loss of her husband and other riders, spurred Brinnlee on to find new ways to help those afflicted by Thread.