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Bronzerider So'l

Name So'l

Position Wingleader

Rank Bronzerider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 30
Dragon's Name Sharuth
Dragon's Age 10

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 230
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description So'l looks out on the world with chestnut eyes; eyes that either brim with friendliness or burn with determination, depending on the mood one catches the dragonrider in. Under thick eyebrows in brown ochre, So'l's eyes drink in the world with interest, ever studying his surroundings and those who inhabit them. The easy smile So'l often wears tends to signal that the rider is friendly and approachable. His body language matches this message, So'l's arms often kept at his sides rather than crossed over his chest in any kind of defensive posture.

Wavy hair in dark cedar flows down to meet a course beard of medium length, further rounding So'l's cherubic face but aging it up some in appearance. His nose, while certainly not overly large, gives the man some distinction and perhaps gives the Lemos region away as his birthplace. Given the laugh lines around So'l's eyes and mouth - as well as the weathered, tanned skin of one who spends much of his time outdoors -- So'l looks to be a man likely in his third decade of life.

So'l is often found wearing riding leathers over a simple tunic and heavy, wher-hide chaps over work-weary pants. Leathers and cloth have all been dyed black, giving the rider a monochromatic look that, at times, makes him stand out amongst the more colorfully dressed.
Dragon's Description Covered in molten greenish-gold hide, Sharuth is one of the largest bronzes on Pern. The great dragon, having entered his 10th turn, long ago left behind the awkwardness of youth and has become quite the magnificent specimen of his kind in adulthood. With whirling, rainbow eyes and rather pronounced head knobs, the dragon stares out at the world with insatiable curiosity. Despite the maw of jagged teeth -- meant for the tearing of meat -- Sharuth usually appears friendly and welcoming rather than intimidating.

Great muscular wings are covered in stretched, translucent hide that affords Sharuth his immense power in flight. The bronze is exceedingly agile in the air, though quite lumbering on the ground. Strong forearms are used to carrying heavy loads, whether they be stacks of firestone sacks, the transport of weighty equipment from one place to another, or even just picking up an unlucky herdbeast. Sharp claws on his four limbs provide Sharuth ease when it comes to hunting for his meals.


Father Jhon
Mother Ehvlyn - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview So'l is the Wingleader for the Copper Wing at Kere Valla. Having transferred to the Weyr from his previous home -- leaving behind the bitter cold of the North -- the rider and his dragon are new to the Southern continent and its people. He and Sharuth have chosen to make this new region their home and, when not fighting Thread or flying sweeps, the pair can often be found exploring Kere Valla and the surrounding area.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

* Strong work ethic
* Formidable leader
* Strategic thinker
* Gets along with most people


* Not always in touch with his own emotions
* Can, at times, be overly serious
* Sometimes easily irritable
Ambitions Current ambitions led So'l and Sharuth to Kere Valla, where the dragonrider took up an open Wingleader position. He's been told that he's an excellent leader and could someday do well as a Weyrleader. So'l isn't so sure on that particular point but aims to prove himself an apt Wingleader at the very least.
Hobbies & Interests * Carving and whittling wooden statues
* Reading old accounts of dragonriders from years past
* Listening to the songs of old

Personal History So’l was once Solan, a young wood worker from the Lemos Hold region. Growing up in the forests of this area, Solan fell in love with the hardwood stands and would often play in them as a child. His father Jhon was a woodcrafter and, seeing his son’s love of the trees, introduced young Solan to the craft. Together they would whittle, stain, and artfully paint all varieties of craft pieces, from dragons in flight to dolphins riding waves. As this was how Jhon supported his family, Solan felt special to play a role in helping his family thrive.

As Solan grew older, he took on an apprenticeship in the Woodcrafter Hall and, later, earned his own knot as a woodcrafter himself. While he continued to help support his family, the young man sought to carve out a place of his own and eventually moved to reside in the local Weyr. Finding work there, Solan earned both coin and prestige, eventually making a name for himself amongst the denizens who lived there.

When the great gold Kouzevelth rose to mate and, later, clutched, the Search was on. Little did Solan think that he would be a Candidate and yet he found himself standing on those scorching sands, hoping a dragon would find him worthy.

Sharuth – a great, bumbling bronze dragonet tripping over his own wings – stumbled towards Solan and with a touching of minds, Impression took place. Sharuth quickly grew out of his clumsiness and became one of the largest bronzes ever to grace Pern, ever majestic and gentle. Meanwhile, as a new rider, Solan took on the moniker of “So’l.”