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Bronzerider Sharuth

Name Sharuth

Position Rider

Rank Bronzerider

Character Information

Gender Male
Dragon's Name Sharuth
Dragon's Age 10

Physical Appearance

Dragon's Description Covered in molten greenish-gold hide, Sharuth is one of the largest bronzes on Pern. The great dragon, having entered his 10th turn, long ago left behind the awkwardness of youth and has become quite the magnificent specimen of his kind in adulthood. With whirling, rainbow eyes and rather pronounced head knobs, the dragon stares out at the world with insatiable curiosity. Despite the maw of jagged teeth -- meant for the tearing of meat -- Sharuth usually appears friendly and welcoming rather than intimidating.

Great muscular wings are covered in stretched, translucent hide that affords Sharuth his immense power in flight. The bronze is exceedingly agile in the air, though quite lumbering on the ground. Strong forearms are used to carrying heavy loads, whether they be stacks of firestone sacks, the transport of weighty equipment from one place to another, or even just picking up an unlucky herdbeast. Sharp claws on his four limbs provide Sharuth ease when it comes to hunting for his meals.


Personality & Traits