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Posts for the Floria River Hold.

Mission Group Southern Continent
Start Date Fri Aug 26th, 2022 @ 7:32pm
End Date Mon Aug 26th, 2030 @ 7:32pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Post 1 - The Secret Diaries of Esgou Pt1
by Holdstaff Esgou
N/A Floria River Hold
Post 2 - The Beginning Of The End
by Holdstaff Unnamed
M4 D25 A holdless encampment
Post 3 - She's A Good Girl
by Holdstaff Esgou
M4 D28 Floria River Hold
Post 4 - Thoughts and Holds
by Goldrider Naela
M4 D5 FRH and KVW

Mission Summary

The Floria River Hold is located in the Southern Continent and receives protection from the Kere Valla Weyr.