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Thoughts and Holds

Posted on Wed Oct 26th, 2022 @ 4:34am by Goldrider Naela

Mission: FRH
Location: FRH and KVW
Summary: Checks on the Hold and Weyr Post and Pre Threadfall
Timeline: M4 D5

Naela was dressed in her riding furs, even though it was ridiculous hot outside today. The bitter cold of between was something no matter the amount of furs would keep away. **Ready?**

The Gold exhaled a steamy breath even in the hot of day.

Shaking her head, she walked over to the ledge of the weyrbowl for Sooseth and lifted a leg for her rider. This was something that Naela liked to do since Thread started falling again. She liked to do a pass over the areas that had threadfall, make sure that everything was okay and that there wasn't any errant Threads, and then she liked to check the Weyr and Hold to make sure that everything was ready for the eventful day.

She would have done the post Threadfall check today anyways, but decided to go through and do the pre Threadfall check today as she knew that the next couple of days were going to be crazy as the the temperatures were starting to slowly come back down, and Autumn was impending. As they were in the mountains, it tended to go colder sooner at the Weyr than it would have at the Hold.

With an image sent to Sooseth, they popped out over the peninsula from where they fought Thread the day before.

After an hour flying the path of the Threadfall, she was satisfied to see everything looked good; nothing looked like it had escaped there dutiful efforts the day before.

Sending another image through, they popped out over Floria River Hold, and the watchweyr announced their arrival. Naela and Sooseth went for a landing for their upcoming meeting with the Lord Holder. The leadership came out from the main door to the hold and smiled welcoming her.

"Greetings," Naela stated, as Sooseth dropped her off. "I know you are quite busy. Is everything ready for the upcoming pass?" she asked.

"Yes, we've been doing last minute checks of the fields to remove any extraneous foliage, and cleaning up debris around the Hold. Not like there was much to begin with, but enough that we wanted to make sure that everything was good. This one is supposed to pass quite close this time?" the older man asked.

Nodding, Naela replied, "yes. We haven't had one close to us in awhile. Do you need anything from the Weyr to prepare for the Threadfall?"

They looked between each other and smiled. "I think we're good. We'll send review everything and send it to you prior to Threadfall if we need anything. Would you like a steaming cup of Klah prior to returning home?" he asked.

"Sounds lovely. Lead the way." She'd get back to the Weyr inspection later.


Weyrwoman Naela, Goldrider of Sooseth


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