The Sim


All the events in the books took place. AIVAS was found, the people of Pern went to the Dawnsisters, the explosion happened, and everyone thought the Red Star was moved far enough out so that it would no longer drop its deadly thread onto the inhabited planet.

About the 300th turn after the final passing of the Red Star (312fp to be exact), the grubs began to diminish. Some investigation was done, and it was decided that there was a microscopic parasite that was feeding on the grubs. Since they had lost much of the technology they had gained through AIVAS, not having the means to restart the computers, and because so many were involved once the pass was over in settling a now thread free Pern and didn't bother to take the time to pass the knowledge on from generation to generation, by the time the parasites began destroying the grubs, there wasn't much anyone could do about it. Besides, there was no more thread, so the small creatures had served their purpose.

Dragonriders began to build homes, still living in communities, but doing away with the need to live in rock for the more favorable, more comfortable wood. Some remained in the Weyrs, but most spread out across the southern continent.

458fp, the red star began to draw closer. It had done so in previous turns, but had never dropped thread into Pern's skies. Many watched as it drew closer, closer than it had since the explosion had sent it on a different path. By the turn 502fp, many were becoming concerned, while others held with the belief that Thread was nothing but a story to scare children with, and that even if it did once exist, it didn't anymore. This notion didn’t last long and Thread started falling again.

Now, it’s 506fp. 4 turns have passed since Thread had reappeared; life is different than it was. Everyone has made way from their settlements and now people are back in holds and weyrs. Cior Valla and Cascade are now just starting to become strong again. What may the future bring for All the Stars of Pern as the Red Dawning start continues to fly past?