Anne's Rules

1.The Weyrs and Holds in Anne's books are off limits. Your persona can be born there, but they can't live there, and mentioning those places in posts is highly frowned upon. You can vaguely reference it as somewhere else or in the region, just not by canon name.

2. Use of the names of any characters in the books are strictly off limits. Variations that are close to these names are also off limits (ex: Ramoth/Romoth). And before you ask, NO, your personas can not be descendants of any of Anne's characters.

3. All dragons live in the Weyr - No exceptions.

4. All dragons' names end in 'th' and all male riders' names must be elided. (ex: R'vel, not Reorvel).

5. The only colors allowed are the standard five; Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue and Green.

6 No dragon has one eye color. Dragons' eyes are constantly changing.

7. Anne has stipulated that certain types of people impress certain types of dragons. The matchup is listed below:

Dragon ColorSexual Orientation
GoldHeterosexual (Female)
BronzeHeterosexual (Male)
BrownHeterosexual/Bisexual (Male)
BlueHomosexual/Bisexual (Male)
GreenHomosexual (Male)/Heterosexual (Female)

8. No mention of any characters from the novels may be mentioned, nor may Benden (the wine is allowed) or Ruatha.

All the Stars of Pern's Rules

1. Because dragon growth pretty much leveled out in the 9th pass, sizes are still very much the same. There will be those who are larger than average, because I'm sure all the dragons didn't stop evolving at precisely the same time, but no dragons will be bigger than Ramoth.
Size Chart:COLORLENGTHWINGSPANgold38 - 42 m (125 - 140 Ft)63 - 70 m (210 - 230 Ft)bronze35 - 38 m (115 - 125 Ft)58 - 63 m (190 - 210 Ft)brown30 - 35 m (100 - 115 Ft)50 - 58 m (165 - 190 Ft)blue25 - 30 m (82 - 100 Ft)41 - 50 m (135 - 165 Ft)green20 - 25 m (66 - 82 Ft)33 - 41 m (110 - 135 Ft)

2. In deviation from Anne’s rules, any male or female may impress a dragon of their color: ie men can impress any bronze, brown, blue, or green dragon; women can impress golds and greens. Other exceptions are allowed outside of Anne’s rules with permissions from the GMs.

3. If you want your persona to 'time-it', you must first get permission. Timing it is very dangerous, especially to weyrlings.

4. Partnered Dolphineers are not candidate material.

5. Dolphins are sentient creatures on Pern, enhanced by metasynth. Granted, they don't speak like you or I do, but they are NOT pets.

6. Only one fire-lizard at the creation of the character may be allowed. One additional fire-lizard may be granted as an in-game award to not exceed two fire-lizards per character.

7. Please try and stay away from using popular names in TV shows, books, movies, etc. This is Pern, let's keep it that way. Why would anyone want to make it into earth? Also, earth names will be asked to be changed. Variations on earth names might be allowed, but if you submit a persona with a name that is decidedly popular or 'earth-like', expect to receive a request to change it. (ex: Naming your dragon Darth - that's a no no - however, Dharrth would be acceptable, Naming your fire-lizard Venus - that's a no no too, however, Vinhus would be accepted.)

8. No persona tattoos.

9. Using another person's personas without their permission will absolutely NOT be tolerated. If the person has posted about an incident that occurred in a place that is open to the public, and you want to write about your persona seeing theirs, then that is acceptable as long as you don't have that persona interacting with your own, or doing something not already mentioned. Any stronger mentioning must be done only after permission is given.

9. We don't require that you spell check your posts, or that you have them in any set style, but remember, to get people to read your stories, it's best to have them presentable and understandable. But we believe in your right to post your stories in the format you see fit.

10. Posts are third person, past tense. Please don't post in first person unless you are doing it as a one time deal, for effect of the story you're posting.

11. Please e-mail the GMs if you are planning the death of one of your personas. Especially if that persona is a dragonrider.

12. Dragons don't often speak to people other than their riders. They can, they just choose not to. And they even more rarely mention someone by name other than their rider. If you want your dragon to speak to someone, or want your persona to speak to a dragon that's not their lifemate, please ask us first.

13. When posting, please use following symbols. It makes it easier for others to understand who is talking:

Dragon to a human/ other dragon:}: :{
Human thoughts/ talking to dragon: ** **
For normal human speech: '' ''
And for a firelizard sending feelings/ images: ~~ ~~

14. Post as often as you like! If you don't feel like posting, no problem; sit back and enjoy the stories that are coming through the list, as long as you meet the below minimum posting requirements:

Leaders (Weyrwomen, Wingleaders, Lords, Ladies, Flit holders): 2 posts per month per character
All others: 1 post per month per character

15. Game requirement, if you have a Dragonrider persona, you must have a non-dragonrider persona. There are no requirements for non-dragonriders. There are no limits on the number of personas, as long as the minimum posting requirements are met. If you want an NPC to be owned by you, message a GM to get it linked.

16. Minimum age for players in ASOP is 16 years old.

17. You must join Sim Central on Discord and accept the communities rules and join our channels. There is no obligation to participate after the rules being accepted and us adding you to our channels.

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Swearing is permitted, with some limitations.Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.Violence is permitted, with some limitations.>